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PostSubject: SeedSpheres   Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:40 pm

This is the Flow Chart of Creating and Socketing Seed Spheres

The Seed Master at Lorencia

The Seed and The Sphere

While Spheres can be looted at Raklion and Kanturu, Icarus (Dark Phoenix) as per experience, Seeds are randomly made by combining different ingredients at the Seed Master of Elbeland

Creating a Seed

Failed combination yields:

Excellent and Ancient Set Items downgrades randomly to +0 ~ +2
All Jewels will be gone

This is a Table for the various Seeds and its Options. This seeds are all elemental items yet bestows other more powerful options when combined with spheres.

Wind, Water, Earth is use for Shields & Armors

Fire, Lightning, Ice is used for Weapons

Creating a Seed Sphere

This is a Sphere Quality Table and Seed Spheres

5 Spheres, rank thru its quality (From Low To High)
1. Chipped Sphere
2. Flawed Sphere
3. Natural Sphere
4. Flawless Sphere
5. Perfect Sphere

Mounting a Seed Sphere on a Socketed Armor Piece

If you want to replace the existing Seed Sphere in your item. Seed sphere cannot be dismounted, but can be destroyed. Mounting and destroying Seed Sphere requires only Zen and has 100% Success Rate.

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