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 [Server] Rules

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PostSubject: [Server] Rules   Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:17 am

1. Rules for general use

• Sharing your password or registration with other players is allowed, but
• All elements of your account belongs to you and that is your choice what to do with them (selling, buying, trading).
• We will not rebuild your character or object, if you share your password (account) with someone else!
• Use of any part of the game, site, forum or community to advertise other websites, games and servers, products or services is prohibited!
• Offensive behavior or the use of words (and, photos for your character name) is usually considered to be vulgar is prohibited!
• Harassment of another player or member of staff, repeated abusive behavior of a person, the spam module for one user with useless messages, having been warned 1 time to stop is prohibited!
• Pictures for trade with real money is not allowed!
• Disturbance of the game, events or Admin (GameMaster's) is punishable!
• Other misconduct also not be tolerated.
• Depending on the cause and effects of sin, you have broken the rules! Z
A): The timing of the penalty can range from 12 hours to constant or even IP Ban!!!

2.How to keep your account:

• Use a real email address during the registration process. Other foreign or will not be able to recover a forgotten password.
• Use a different password from your email.
• Change your password at least once a month.
A): Admin / GameMaster 's / staff / never ask for your password!

3. Hacking, fraud and fraud

• Use all SpeedHacks, bots, AutoKill, simillar and other software is strictly prohibited!
• Use of any errors in the game or the site is strictly prohibited!
• Presentation of Admin or misleading people to think you're GameMaster or any member of CrystalMuBG is strictly prohibited.
• We are not responsible Bug up if you try to add their own customizations to the client

4. RC, KS & AFK

• There is only one rule for RC. When you can PK, or whatever you want, but:
A): PK-Ing multiple individual character to an extreme degree more than 15 minutes and / or 30-40 times is prohibited!
• Rules of the CA server! (KC can any but Dont Forget that you were so!)
• KC on 2 or more active players is forbidden!
• AFK is allowed for all servers.
• KC Golden monsters (Invasion) during events is prohibited. The first character found in the invasion actually has permission to take the prize.

5. Admin & GameMaster's

• All GameMaster's names begin with [GM]. No other Admin / GameMaster 's / server.
• GameMaster's are here to help you and answer your questions.
• Do not ask Admin / GameMaster 's / free items or Zen.
• Do not ask Admin / GameMaster 's / to show their itemi / items /.
• Do not ask Admin / GameMaster 's / you moved because you are a murderer / PK / level.
• insulting Admin / GameMaste 'r / or any member of CrystalMuBG is strictly prohibited!
• GameMaster's not insulting players.
• GameMaster's not PK or KS of players with their nature of GM's!!!
• GameMaster's can not be AFK.

A): No SPAM Admin / GameMaster 's / quick response. Please wait, if he is able to answer your question about vednagatuk we can help.

*** It is important that you take appropriate measures:
* By sending IM (Pictures) at Admin / GameMaster 's / or write in the forum topic!
• In most cases, the screenshots should be taken at least one minutes than to be able to prove that man is not just a pass.
• Edited / Photoshoped / screenshots are not taken into account and get a penalty instead!
• Text / Chat reports:
• This means that the maximum log / chat / must be visible and legible while keeping the actual content of the screen / partially visible /.
• Press the Enter + F5 and F4, while the conversation takes full height of the screen and change the transparency of this window (but not so that the window is completely opaque) so that the writing is clear and legible!
• All screenshots must be uploaded to our forum!
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[Server] Rules
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