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 How to make 3 lvl Wings

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PostSubject: How to make 3 lvl Wings   Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:40 am

I. Feather of Condor

1x wings 2lvl minimum +9 minimum +4
1x jewel of chaos
1x jewel of creation
1x soul+1 (10)
1x ancient minimum +7 minimum +4
cost 20k x %success rate
max success rate: 90%

II. Wings 3 lvl

1x exc item minimum +9 minimum +4
1x flame of condor (you can find this making the 3 quest)
1x feather of condor
1x jewel od chaos
1x jewel of creation
1x bless (10 )
1x soul (10 )
cost 20k x %success rate
max success rate: 40%

III. Wings 3 lvl for each Class of Character

Grand Master- Space time Wings

Blade Master- Storm Wings

High Elf- Illusion Wings

Duel Master- Downcast Wings

Lord Emperor- Mantle of Monarch

Dimension Master- Violent Wind Wings

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How to make 3 lvl Wings
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