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 Moss the gambler

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PostSubject: Moss the gambler   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:23 am

Moss the Gambler Aka Moss Merchant

Moss is NPC.We can be find in Elbeland or Lorencia He is gambler. We can buy from him unidentified items.
Item will automaticly identified in our inventory after we buy it.
One item Prize is 500kk. Item can be regular(+0), regular(+9,+10,+11,+12,+13) or excellent (+0).


Crystal Scythe

DMG: 250-255
Attack Speed: 40
Required Strenght: 690
Required Agility: 130
Can use: BK MG
Two handed

Air Lyn Bow

DMG: 200-230
Attack Speed: 45
Required Strenght: 236
Required Agility: 1016
Can use: ME
Two handed

Chromatic Staff

DMG: 65-70
Attack Speed: 30
Required Strenght: 240
Required Agility: 72
Wizardy Dmg: 85%
Can use: SM MG
One handed

Striker Scepter

DMG: 160-180
Attack Speed: 40
Required Strenght: 403
Required Agility: 108
Increase Pet Dmg: 45%
Can use: DL
One handed

Raven Stick

DMG: 75-85
Attack Speed: 30
Required Strenght: 240
Required Agility: 81
Wizardy DMG: 75%
Can Use:: BS
One handed

We can add harmony options to all these items.

Moss the Merchant can give you and random one of new custom item
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Moss the gambler
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