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 New Duel System

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PostSubject: New Duel System   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:27 am

Duel has been upgraded.
In quick menu (Alt+right button) we have duel options.

We may fight in duel on every map in the same way, or we may use option number 2.
In warp menu, under letter “M”, we added new location ”Vulcan”.
We go there for duel and we click NPC Titus.
We will be automatically teleported to one of four arenas, where we will duel.

TITUS ( Vulcan )

" Gladiator's Glory "
Experience increase for 20%.
Drop increase for 20%.
Aura remains for 60 minutes and works only on Vulcan map.
Person after 3 lvl quest can’t get exp bonus .
Additional option will be ranking of duels made on Duel Arena. One win is one score to the ranking.


Everyone who wants to watch duels may get into the Duel Arena as Spectator.
He sees himself as transparent person, but the other don’t see him at all.
Spectator has special interface where can watch status of a duel, Health Points and Shield Gauge of fighters.

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New Duel System
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