CrystalMuBG Season 5
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 DoubleGoer Event[Season 5]

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PostSubject: DoubleGoer Event[Season 5]   Sat May 01, 2010 5:36 am

The New Event Double Goer takes place in the map Doppleganger.
Structure Map
Doppleganger The map is divided into 4 zones.
Zone 1 "BlazeZone"

Zone 2 "Crystalcave"

Zone 3 "Ice Zone"

Zone 4 "UnderWater"

Event Entry Forms to
To enter nesecery is not to have a minimum Level event when that takes place at any time according to requirement of character and you can enter as many times as you want in one day.

NOTE: You can enter at least 1 character and a maximum of 5 characters.

Item necesery to entry:
Speculum Invitation

To enter the event you must present the ticket to the NPC Rugadeu[Lorencia]

Interface of Event:

* Show Boss to Kill and the remaining time to finish the event.

* Displays the location Boss Ice Walker.

* Servers provide distance between the starting point and the point of Main Boss.
* The triangle indicates the location of the current character.
* The blue triangle displayed with your location.
* The black triangle position of the members of your party.

* The yellow line shows the distance between the Main Boss.
* Depending on the distance the colors may vary
* Yellow, Orange and Red.

Event monsters
They go out randomly in any area.
Doppleganger Knight

Doppleganger Wizzard

Doppleganger Elf

Doppleganger Summoner

Doppleganger Magic

Doppleganger Lord


Boss Event
3 Boss are those who leave in the event and q have to kill to complete the event.
BOSS 1 : Butcher

BOSS 2 : Contaminated Ice Walker

BOSS 3 : Angry Butcher


Event Time
The event lasts 10 minutes in each phase

Fighting General:
By accessing randomly take you to an area to begin the event monsters will constantly.

Combat Principal:
The main battle appears from Boss Kill the 3 coming out in some area.

In the event there is a search mission IceWalker Boss if you can not kill him within minutes stronger monsters will appear.

If you can Kill the Boss grant you 3 Box Compensation.

When you kill a Boss 3 Box Compensation handed you, you can choose one.
Sometimes, instead of prizes may have Contaminated larvae hidden within the Compensation Box.

3 Kill the Boss and survive the event.

When you die in the event or not killing any Boss.
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DoubleGoer Event[Season 5]
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